Special Guest

Alexandra Morel

Instagram : @alexendramorel_affaireconclue

For the third time in Belgium, the star buyer of the show “Affaire conclue” Alexandra Morel will be present as exhibitor seller. 

Alexandra Morel will come and present her selection of custom jewelry, bags and luxury accessories.

Alexis Mazin

Alexis Mazin


mail : contact@alexismazin.com

Instagram : @alexis_mazin

Alexis creates lamps and furniture from ancient wood marked by time and use. From furniture and objects recovered, unearthed, disassembled, he mainly produces tailor-made pieces, ranging from the chest of drawers to the wardrobe and the puppet theatre.




Instagram : @anice_jouxbi

In its Light, the Universe is within it. Through the gradation of colours in the glass beads, the 4 elements are imperceptibly transformed one into the other, like night into day! Like a lunar cycle, the phenomenon of the moon’s illusory appearance and disappearance in the sky. In creating these jewels, Anicé likes to think of the power they confer on the wearer. A power that truly ‘metamorphoses’ the wearer. The hooks are cast using the sand casting technique. The jewels are handmade.

Olivier Lambert

Art Dealer



From the richness of the Haute Époque to the sheer beauty of a African statue,the refinement of a Chinese scholar’s object or the modernity of a Poliakoff. We are offering a whole range of carefully selected objects.

Sylvia Gimeno



Inspired by natural structures, Sylvia transforms virgin wool into abstract creations, combining white, grey, or brown fleeces with wool or other fibers coloured with botanical

Sylvain Berkowitsch

Au fil du temps SA



After more than 40 years in the world of art I will present you with lighting objects, paintings, sculptures and ceramics from the post-war period. You will also have the opportunity to discover the works of two of my favourite artists: Jean Boghossian and Sara Laura Talib.

Balazs Horvath

Balazs Horvath

e-mail : baluhorvath@yahoo.com

20th century European glass (Art Nouveau, Art Deco, mid-century, contemporary, from Bohemia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia).

I have been collecting glass for more than 20 years. I am fascinated by the beauty and variety, as well as by the functionality of one of our most ancient materials. I am now sharing my passion with the audience of the Sablon Design Market, by showcasing a unique selection from my private collection.

Anne Roubault-Teysseyre




Having a passion for our grandmothers’ retro needlepoint canvases, Chairy Tales cover modern, designer, vintage seats or office chairs to turn them into unique pieces. The choice to work with canvas is a poetic one : it’s out of love for this material, which is both old-fashioned and popular, that they’ve made it their speciality.

Koen Steen

DANG-KU by koensteen

Instagram : @dangku_by_koensteen


With more than 35 years experience, we sell worldwide with passion our selection of beautiful 20th century furniture objects for your home. During these years we create and decorate exclusif interiors, known by our own specific style.

Caroline Michils

CM Jewels



Specialized for 20 years in the world of vintage and custome jewelry.

Godelieve Sevrin

Ciel mes bijoux !

Instagram : @versionoriginale_brussels


Godelieve Sevrin buys and sells in her shop luxury «pre-owned» bags from major iconic brands such as Chanel, Delvaux, Dior, Hermès and Vuitton.

Corinne de Noray


Instagram : @corinne_rosmo


For as long as I can remember, I always loved stones and created my own jewellry.  To dip into grandmother’s drawers is all that I love! To give a 2nd life to jewellry is the intention of the collection based on old chains, pendants, medals, lost earrings … Now it has been about 20 years of creating, flee marketing and selling in various locations from urban to underground. Today, I will let you discover my jewels, my tastes, my history often inspired by the 19 century and the Romantic Victorian style.

Yannick David

Galerie Yannick David

The Yannick David Gallery, active for more than thirty years, will be exposed at the Sablon. Taking advantage of this first home fair to present a set of curiosity objects in a Vintage decor.

Valérie Gilson

Gilson V. Couture



Each piece is unique and filled with passion, creation, patience and benevolence… A new era is finally on the way… “upcycling” or the new trend incredibly at the top! This challenge via my couture-passion is just amazing!


Institut Jeanne Toussaint



The “Institut Jeanne Toussaint – Arts & Métiers “ is one of the oldest jewellery school of Brussels. It’s an official public school for adults belonging to the “Ville de Bruxelles”. 






Instagram : @ineza_fromafricawithlove

Presenting a wonderful collection of some of the finest African handcrafted interior art, directly sourced from artisans, collectives and collaborations. From Africa with love.

Jérémie Pessah

Jérémie Pessah

e-mail : jeremie.pessah@hotmail.for

Specialist in 20th century glassware.

Kurt Geleyn


Informations coming soon

Art and antiques dealer.

Catherine Lecomte




Fascinated by the beauty and the quality of objects, I’m in constant search of jewels and bags selected according to their rarity, beauty, elegance, originality. With Katheley’s website launched in 2010, this unique selection is available online for jewelry and bags’ lovers looking for unique, different, collectable pieces of high quality.

Omar El Yattouti

Le Cartel de Bruxelles

Instagram : @lecarteldebruxelles


Bruno Flahaux

Le Maga



Le Maga recently moved and took up its new quarters in the Galerie des Minimes in Sablon. Le Maga offers a wide choice of vintage furniture and decorative items from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Adja Bonco Sokona

Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactif



Opened last December in the Sablon, this new concept of perfume bar dedicated exclusively to top-of-the-range organic and natural essences invites you to enjoy a real sensory experience and discover your own fragrance from a top-of-the-range, natural, organic and ethical selection.

Luk Sergeant

Luk Sergeant

Instagram : @luksergeant


Old goods for young minds. We are fascinated by an eclectic range of furniture, lamps and seating. Ranging from brocante, design to brutalist.




Instagram : @mydaydaybelgium

Passionate collectors of Delvaux handbags, MyDayDayBelgium has been following Delvaux creations over the years, carefully selecting the pieces for their collection in pursuit of their passion to learn about the designs, the periods, the angles of their collectible vintage bags.  We believe that the old is the new and that for this quality of the craftmanship, professional refurbishment and authenticity is essential. We treat our collectible bags like our children – you want the best for them, including finding them a new home, in which they can evolve and lead on the next generation

Caroline Thomas

Never out of style

Facebook : never out of style by Caroline

Instagram : @never.out.of.style.bycaroline

Never out of style, by Caroline : Designer and vintage fashion, jewelery & bags.

Philippe Golbert

Philippe Golbert

Instagram : @philippe_golbert_modernism


In the early 90s I started my business with modern antiques from 1900 till 1950, and collecting design. Some years ago I opened up a showroom of vintage design and art at Depot 09 in Ghent that you can visit together with other booths, or find back on the internet.




Selective Collection



Fond of warm and eclectic interiors where beautiful objects create a personal and playful environment, Selective Collection / 20th century furniture presents to you items that build such a place. The objects can be mid-century or antique, a big name or an anonymous treasure and everything in between

Laura Chedeville

Soro soro

Instagram : @soro_soro


Japanese expression meaning “gently, patiently”. The delicacy of hand embroidery, the poetry of a flowery fabric… Soro Soro borrows from Japanese culture to bring that extra touch of soul to everyday life through a wardrobe of timeless, unchanging cuts.

Igmar Stuer



Instagram : @igmarstuer

STUER is an eclectic mix of midcentury furniture, objects, art and antiques. We like to present you that one piece you always wanted in your collection



Tiphaine Brocart

Tiphaine Brocart


Instagram : @tiphainebrocart

Art jewellery made exclusively by hand in Brussels. Sewing, pearls, stones and trimmings.



Institut Jeanne Toussaint




As part of our courses, the “Institut Jeanne Toussaint – Arts & Métiers “ has developed an ‘upcycling’ capsule where students make textile textile items from old clothes (jeans, shirts, dresses dresses, …). They initiate zero waste and raise awareness about the globalisation of the textile industry by favouring local production. local production.

 Pascal Drion

Vintage Today Watches

After many years’ experience, Pascal Drion is a watch specialist. The diversity of his collection shows that well-made products, in good European or Japanese materials, retain their value, even increase it, and stand the test of time.


Welcome Gallery

Instagram : @welcomegallerybruxelles

Specialist in 20th century decorative arts. Furniture, lighting and playful objects from Scandinavia, Italy, France, the United States and many other countries. We invite you to come and discover and share a moment in our space and find your favourite.




Intagram : @whitebucket55

Old Thing Matter
Deco – Design – Collector Item

Gui Geuns & Ann Tops




European silver
Art nouveau, Art deco, Design & Collectibles






Place du Grand Sablon
1000 Bruxelles — Belgium 

FRIDAY 08.09
SUNDAY 10.09


Place du Grand Sablon
1000 Bruxelles — Belgium



FRIDAY 08.09
SUNDAY 10.09